Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Gauntlet

As you have noticed me and Mark have been trash talking each other about a video game competition. Well, we had the competition, and I dubbed it "The Gauntlet". Here is how it went.
It was me, Mark and Chris (he wanted to play too!). Mark (trying to be sneeky) decided we were going to play the Miss Pacman Tv game. We played 3 games, Miss Pacman, Pole Position and Galaga. The first was Miss Pacman. I went first and did horrible (mostly 'cause I never was very good at it),then Mark and he did OK, but Chris swamped us both.

Standings Tim 0
Mark 0
Chris 1

Next was Pole Position
Once again I went first I did much better, then Mark who did very well, then Chris who messed up. (please take note of the fact that later that evening I beat mark's score by 10,000 points)

Standings Tim 0
Mark 1
Chris 1

At the finally, Galaga, I thought I was done for, but I rose to the occasion and I got the new high score and destroyed chris and mark. They didn't stand a chance

Final Standings Tim 1
Mark 1
Chris 1

So it ended in a tie but Mark has already challenged me to a game of donkey konga

To be continued...

A Haiku

Mark will lose next time
He cannot compete with my awesome power
Donkey Konga is my game


Blogger terryd said...

What exactly is a Haiku again? A karate expletive? An Oriental sneeze?
A small, uncomfortable vehicle that gets good mileage? A casual salutory greeting of somebody named Ku? An elevated Ku? Your response when somebody suggests a long difficult haik when you'd rather not?

3:44 PM

Blogger Jeremy said...

I think you should rename your Blog "Mark and Timmy" or "Verbally Bashing Mark... with words." or "If a Blog was a weapon, I should have used it to hurt Mark and give him ouchies." Take your pick.

8:43 AM


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