Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A good Book

Some of the books I read for school I don't like. There was one about to girls in australia and Im not even sure what there names were let alone what the book was about, but some times I get a book I really like and Im going to tell you about one of them. It's called What if Jesus Had Never Been Born? it's written by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe. It talks about all the things christianity and christians have done for the world and how different the world would be if Jesus had never been born. its a very good book I would recommend reading it.

Monday, November 14, 2005


So I, as usual, Im hungry so I think "what shall I have" so I think "Popcorn!". So I get the package and before I put it in the microwave I think "how long do I put it in?" so I look at the package looking for so sort of time and something catches my eye, the package says do not use microwave popcorn button, and I thought about it and every popcorn package I've seen says that. So now I come to my point if there isn't a brand of popcorn thinks the button that says popcorn on the microwave works why put that button on the micro wave. It boggles my mind! Now you may think that was stupid, but its important to me and that should be good enough for you.


Relient K

"I don't know, we're a clean family"

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Chapstick and chapped lips and things like chemistry

Sorry that I Haven't Updated in a while! I'll really try to update more.
I went to the Relient K concert on friday day and it was awesome!
The opening act was some band called Go Betty GO and they weren't very good (Kind of reminded me of Ashlee Simpson. YUCK!) Rufio and MXPX were ok, But Relient K was awesome they played tons of there songs and the Full House Theme and I thought that was funny.
I'll get pix later (right now katie is useing my camera)
By the way Katie's shapespeare teacher is a moron and don't put to much confidence in bloomington police department.