Monday, May 30, 2005

Katie's Dream : As adapted by me

Here's a dream Katie had and told me about but won't post about - so I will. Here I go!

Begin dream sequence...
Katie walks into the Library. While shes's there a friend of hers and some pervert are looking for her "file" (by "file" I mean like your permanent records which for some reason are at the library). Katie doesn't like it. Finally they find her address but it's one digit off but they don't know that. So they ask Katie, "Is this your address?" So Katie says, "Yes, it is." Then they ask, "Whats your address?" So Katie tells them the wrong one. Then they say, "Yes now we know were you live!" So Katie's angry. Just in the nick of time, none other than SUE GROEN! steps out from the corner and says, "You don't have to take this anymore!" and "Get them Katie!". So Katie jumps on one of them and starts hitting him - eventually he's on the ground in pain. Katie's mom comes, and Katie, not sure if she did the right thing, thinks she might be in trouble. Sue Groen explains to mom what happened and that Katie did what she had too.
...end dream sequence.

I thought that was funny

Friday, May 06, 2005

Lime Coke

The newest coke Coke with lime is really good. I would recomend trying some, even though I still like Vannila coke more Coke with lime is still one of my favorite Cokes.

By the way here's a quiz on How well do you know me?">